Richelle Cripe is an artist, web developer and information architect who lives and works in Boulder, Colorado. She studied painting and art history at the University of Kentucky, and information science at the University of Colorado. She loves exploring new (and old) places and will probably eat all of your ice cream, if you have any.


Richelle grew up in the quiet hills of southern West Virginia sketching floor plans on graph paper and making elaborate structures from scraps and cardboard, more interested in building worlds than playing with the toy inhabitants. She checked out the maximum number of books on weekly trips to the library, but it wasn’t just about reading; the library itself was a secret world full of mysterious systems and archaic machines.

Romantic about the past but realistic about the future, Richelle embraces new technology without abandoning her love of traditional systems. She loves not just reading books but the physicality of books, painting for the gesture of painting, and computers for the unique language of code. Richelle is a citizen of two worlds: the pre-digital era and the newly made digital frontier.

Artist Statement

My subjects come from filtering the environment to find spaces where nature and man-made systems collide. I explore ideas through the process of painting and mark-marking, where each piece holds equal weight regardless of size or materials. I like creating problems to solve. Unbound to a particular style or subject, each series has a set of rules that define the working process. Individual images come together to form a sum greater than the parts; each painting is a fragment of an idea. When placed in the context of other fragments a larger pattern emerges. Systems of information are assembled in an architectonic way, the fragments built one on top of each other, collected, and curated, to separate the signal from the noise.

Richelle Cripe Profile Shot

Photo: Stephen Cardinale